College Scholarship

The Southampton Association scholarship program has awarded over 40 scholarships to graduates of Southampton High School and assisted 138 graduating seniors by funding a $21,000 shortfall in one of the high school scholarships in 2001. The program was begun more than twenty years ago, and has in many instances helped Southampton students admitted to high-cost colleges to overcome the financial obstacles to attending those schools. It is one of the largest single local scholarship and has had an increasing impact in recent years, especially this year as the full brunt of the economic downturn has hit college finance.The Scholarship Program is more important than ever with increasing college costs and decreasing State and private support.

  • student loans increased by 25% for 2008-2009
  • 2/3 of college applicants said economic downturn affected their choice of college
  • 2/3 of American students borrow to pay for college
  • 85%  of applicants cannot pay for college without financial aid
  • 70% of high schools report an increase in students who abandon their “dream schools”

If you would like to support the Scholarship Program, please become a member of the The Southampton Association at the Join Now section.

IF you are interesting in applying, applications are available at the Southampton High School guidance office.


Excerpts from letter written by the 2012 Scholarship winner, Natalie Baginski, who attended Boston College:

As my final year at Boston College is quickly concluding i would like to extend my gratitude for your support throughout my four years.  As I have often emphasized, your support has afforded me with an unparalleled opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, focusing on one of the most difficult concentrations at any university.  Moreover, your financial contribution has made it easier to fund tuition, books, room and board, and much more throughout my time at Boston College.  As I have spoken with several other peers at Boston College, very few individuals have had the opportunity to obtain local scholarships from their hometowns and as large an amount; and for this, I am truly grateful.  I hope that this scholarship opportunity continues for future Southampton High School graduates o their paths to achieving quality education, exceptional leadership and character development, and a career path they will love.  I also hope the individuals receiving future scholarships from the Association will represent similar characteristics that I have developed over these past years in an effort to find their passions and cultivate success.

Once more, I cannot stress how appreciative I am of your support, and i am still glad to hear that you have continued to support me in achieving my goals.  Natalia Baginski, Boston College, 2016