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Your vote counts for more in Southampton!

In a recent election, only 876 people voted…
The Mayor won by 168 votes…

Can I vote in Southampton if I spend time in another town?

Yes, but you can only vote in one location.

How do I qualify to be a registered voter in Southampton?

You may qualify to vote in Southampton if you regularly spend  nights in the Village of Southampton during each year and would like to vote here.

If I am registered to vote in Southampton can I also vote in another city?

You will be voting in Southampton only.

Does a voter have to rent or own property in Southampton to vote here?

No – even if a voter lives (and rents or owns property) in another city, he/she can vote in Southampton.

Do voters have to work in Southampton to vote here?

No – even if a voter attends college or works in another city, he or she may legally vote in Southampton.

Do I need to have my driver’s license, credit cards, tax return address in Southampton?


Where would I be summoned to serve jury duty if I am registered to vote in Southampton?
New York State jurors are selected at random from Voter Registration, DMV, and State Tax Filings Records which may be in different counties.

How can I keep up with local elections, ballot initiatives and referendums?

The Southampton Association will send reminders.

What if I won’t be able to be present in Southampton on Election Day?

Not a problem – you can vote absentee.

Is it difficult to vote absentee?

Not at all. You are eligible to vote absentee if you think that you may not be in Southampton on Election Day. The Southampton Association can help facilitate absentee voting by sending reminders and providing forms.

Please check with for additional information to verify your eligibility.