Voter Registration for Local Elections: Village, Town, School

If  you are not already registered in Suffolk County, consider having yourself or  at least one member of the family change their registration to vote here.  Go to or to the “Register To Vote” tab at our website.   If you are unable to be in the area during a vote, Absentee Ballots are available.   Go to “Register to Vote” on this website for details on who is eligible to vote here.

For Absentee Ballot Applications, see #2 on the request form found at our website.  There you can let the Board of Elections know that you want an Absentee Ballot Application sent automatically for Town/State/Federal elections in the next 12 months.  It must be renewed each year.

For voter registration or Absentee Ballot information please write to us at or go directly to

NOTE:  the Southampton Village and School Absentee Ballots are handled differently.  We will send you information before the May 2018 School Vote and the June 2018 Southampton Village vote.

Your vote counts more in Southampton.




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