Michael Irving Elected Southampton Village Mayor

Michael Irving, a Village Trustee, won the mayor’s seat against fellow Trustee Richard Yastrzemski 477-379.

Trustees Nancy McGann:  536 votes and Bill Hattrick: 626 votes.

Valerie Smith, a third candidate, won 49 votes and write in candidate, Jesse Warren received 151 votes.
Mr.Yastrzemski will continue to serve on the board for another year.

One of Mr. Irving’s first duties will be to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat that will be created on the five-member panel following Friday’s race. That person will finish the winner’s two-year term on the dais.

Each vote in this election counted and we appreciate you effort to participate. Fewer than 100 votes made the difference!

Voter Registration: 

If you or some members of your family have missed the opportunity to be part of the June 16th election by not yet registering to vote in local elections – Village, School and Town – start the process by going to suffolkvotes.com.  A registration form can be downloaded, http://www.suffolkvotes.com/downloads/voteform.pdf , and mailed in. You will be sent a confirmation of receipt by the Suffolk County Board of Elections.  Absentee ballots are easily available if you or family members are not able to be in Southampton for any vote.

Please contact us for questions on Registration or Absentee Voting.

The next local vote is in November for Southampton Town Board seats.  School Board budget and Board of Education member voting takes place in May.Please pass this on to friends who may not be registered here.  Thank you.

Your vote counts more in Southampton!


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