Village Meeting Minutes – May and June 2015 and Association’s 6 point Zoning Plan

At the May 14th meeting of the village trustees, Jay Diesing presented the Southampton Association’s six point plan for zoning reform. The basics of the proposal are as follows (Full description attached):

  1. Reduce the height of houses in the smaller zones
  2. Reduce Maximum Lot Coverage
  3. Reduce Gross Floor Area of the Primary Structure
  4. Adjust pyramid regulation to start at natural grade
  5. Clarify and standardize parking requirements
  6. Require a Certificate of Completion attesting to compliance

Many Village residents are concerned about the impact these oversized houses are having on our community – which include changing the ambiance of our neighborhoods, forcing out local residents, and creating unsafe street parking, among other issues. By the June 11th meeting, specific code legislation was proposed by the trustees reducing the height, maximum lot coverage, and gross floor area, and a second code change clarifying parking. In a major win for our Village, the height and parking regulations were approved in July!

The Pyrrhus Concer House on Pond Lane (which was recently demolished) was also discussed, with Robert Strada (who has worked on restoring numerous historic buildings in our area) detailing that a significant amount of the structure had been preserved and could be rebuilt and landmarked. The trustees were thanked for their support.

A community garden was proposed on a vacant lot on Miller Road by Nature Richard and Natasha Jefferies – local teachers in Southampton. Various issues were discussed and it was noted that they had already received some grant money. Access to water and public safety are the main issues. Also, new construction of a home at 1280 Meadow Lane was requested and eventually received an exemption from the building height moratorium, allowing it to proceed to the ARB.

Attorneys for the owners of 71/91 Hill Street (Southampton Inn) made a presentation discussing the possibility of redesigning the property (which includes both sides of Vahradian Way) and adding 30 to 40 efficiency units where the office space and the Plaza Café are now sited. This property and the Village Latch to the west are both discussing major changes which we will continue to monitor. Lastly, the Rotary Club has asked to install a historic style clock at Lake Agawam Park. The trustees and the ARB will be reviewing this proposal.

August 5, 2015


 Southampton Association’s 6 point Zoning Plan

  1. Reduce the height of houses in the smaller zones

Lot size of less than 20,000 sq. ft – maximum height 30 ft.

Lot size of 20,000 to less than 40,000 – Maximum height of 33 ft.

Over 40,000 – remains at a maximum height of 35 ft.

(7 feet less in each category for a flat roof)


  1. Reduce Maximum Lot Coverage

Reduce maximum coverage formula to 14% of lot size + 1,250 sq. ft. (currently 1,500 sq. ft.)

Include all impermeable surfaces regardless of materials.


  1. Reduce Gross Floor Area of the Primary Structure


Reduce maximum Gross Floor area formula of the primary structure to 12% of lot size + 1,400 sq. ft.

Include ½ of garage and all of 3rd story.


  1. Adjust pyramid regulation


45 fegree angle pyramid shall be calculated from the higher of Base Flood Elevation (BFE) or natural grade (NG). Currently, we add 5 ft. to BFE or NG before starting the pyramid.


  1. Clarify Parking Requirements


Adopt Suffolk County definition of a bedroom.

Parking space must be minimum of 10 ft. x 17 ft.

Each space must be accessible to the street without moving cars.

Reduce front and side yard set-back to permit more on-site parking.


  1. Require a Certificate of Completion


Applicant, builder and architect must sign a certificate attesting that the project has been completed as per plans on file at the Village building department before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

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