Town Board closes public hearing on Tuckahoe Mall

At the April 28th meeting of the Town Board the public hearing portion was closed on the proposed zoning change for County Road 39 to allow a retail complex on the south side of the highway.   Written comments will still be accepted for two weeks.

The proposed project is for a 40,000 sq ft supermarket, a 15,000 sq ft retail space and a 3,500 sq ft free-standing bank with a drive-through to be located on the south side of County Road 39 east of Magee Street. There are concerns among many residents that this would increase traffic, funnel cars and trucks onto residential Village side streets and draw business away from the village center.

To contact the Supervisor and Town Council members, please use the following email addresses:

Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and send a copy to

Town Clerk Sundy Schermeyer noting that your comments should be put on the record.

Town Council Members:





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