Village Meeting Minutes – September – October 2013

At the September and October Trustees meetings, the main topics of conversation were discussions regarding zoning and development related issues in and around our Village.

 The board of Trustees began reviewing a proposal to change the zoning on the Village Latch property on Hill Street from R-20 (1/2 acre residential) to Motel Business District.  The Village Latch (which is in the historic district) has been operating as a pre-existing, non-conforming inn for many years.  An initial conceptual proposal was outlined showing the building of several new multi-use structures which would include a restaurant, hotel, pool and bungalows as well as relocating and renovating the current front buildings forward towards Hill Street.  The Latch is located between the Whitefield Condominiums and The Southampton Inn, and representatives of both were present to express concerns.  Many people also spoke or wrote in support of the concept of redevelopment at the site.

 The Village Planning Commission also began reviewing a proposal to re-zone North Sea Road.  Current zoning  allows office or residential development, although much of the street is grandfathered to have retail uses.  This change would allow certain properties to have a retail special exception, primarily from Aldrich Street to Prospect Street (some sections further south on North Sea Road would be also included.)  This change will require Board of Trustee approval and a change to the formal master plan which has recently been adopted.

Following the Town Board, the Village board approved the annexation of a small piece of the town contained in the Bishops Pond development (the former Rambo site.)   All 78 of the condominiums in the 12 acre project will now be sited in the Village of Southampton.

In other discussions at the Village, concerns were raised over various storefront signs within the village (TVs in windows, neon lighting, etc.)  The Trustees agreed this is an issue and will review the current regulations. Lastly, additional drainage work was approved for the Citarella’s site on Hampton Road.

At our schools, most of you are aware that a proposal was adopted by the Southampton and Tuckahoe School Boards (but rejected by Southampton district voters) to pursue an annexation of the Tuckahoe School district by the Southampton School district.  The newly combined district would result an estimated increase in school taxes for Southampton of over 8% and a decrease in Tuckahoe of over 60%.  The Association supports both quality education and fiscal responsibility.  Members of our board have been meeting with both district and state officials to help frame a cost efficient and tax savings merger proposal.  We will continue to closely follow this important issue.

November 29, 2013


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