School District Merger Rejected by Southampton Voters

 Thanks to the interest and support of many, the straw poll that occurred October 29th regarding the proposed merger of the Southampton and Tuckahoe School Districts was rejected by the Southampton voters.

 In the Southampton School District, 1075 voted against the merger and 693 voted for the merger. 

 The lack of clarity of terms, scant details on savings and no safeguards over future cost increases meant that approving the straw poll would have irreversibly moved the merger forward, regardless of its financial prudence.  If New York State truly wishes districts to combine for cost savings and better education, taxpayers also need to be represented at the table.  In Southampton, they were not – and have not been for many years.

 We will continue to monitor developments as they unfold.

 Also, thank you to the many members who supported this effort with approximately $5,000 in total donations.  The Association spent over $10,000 on community information efforts, so any additional year end support would be greatly appreciated.   Donations can be made through Paypal on our website or by sending a check, made payable to Southampton Association, and mailed to P. O. Box 641,  Southampton NY 11969.

 The Board of Directors


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